Video Based Q&A Platform for Young Adults

Mobile application providing a platform for young adults to engage with their peers by asking video questions and getting video/image based answers and reactions back. 

My work: product roadmap development, requirements gathering/stakeholders interviews, user and market research, UI concepts development.

Methods: stakeholder interviews, qualitative research, competitive audit, persona development, value proposition development, lo-fi sketching, user flows, user task analysis, use case discovery, wireframing, product/market fit strategy development.

Process in short: Stakeholder interviews were done to refine the high level goals of the product, anticipated usage and design requirements. The insights gained from the interviews were paired with an extensive qualitative research on current market condition & competition resulting in the list of requirements that provided the majority of product's value proposition. MVP scope was developed by prioritizing the requirements based on lean methodology allowing the team to test the most riskiest assumptions with the smallest possible costs of production.

Top challenges: starting product design from scratch and with very little initial insights on potential value proposition and use cases. As a result understanding this product's competitive advantage and where its unique value proposition lies was the biggest challenge prior to design. This is WIP with initial concepts being explored via iterative feedback process.