Micro crowdfunding platform for creators

Launch Incubator class 2015 winner, the platform allows fans to engage with creators (artists, musicians, podcast hosts, writers, etc.) and support them on monthly basis (recurring micro crowdfunding)

My work: developing product concepts for v2 focusing on highly engaging experience, ease of direct communication and designing tools for creators to be able to effortlessly engage their supporters. 

Methods: stakeholder interviews, heuristic evaluation, iterative ideation, sketching, IA, collaborative brainstorming, UI framework development, user flows development, wireframing, UI library creation. 

Process in short: Development of the v2 of the product started with audit and analysis of v1 platform, its strengths and UX challenges, followed by stakeholders interviews, analysis of business objectives and high level product roadmap. Ideation phase was followed by UI framework modeling - defining the main platform components and their relationships to each other. UI framework development was then followed by experimentation with different UI patterns (feed, apps library, group chat, etc.) that would accommodate user and business goals, eventually leading to wireframing low and high fidelity UI and creation of library of standardized and re-usable UI elements (content blocks, interface controls, etc.)

Top challenges: moving away from conventional design paradigms in crowdfunding space and envisioning an interface and communication medium that provides interactions beyond the transactional nature of crowdfunding. Handling this challenge required extensive ideation and research process with multiple design explorations. The product concept that was selected by the team for prototyping addressed both high engagement goals, supported modularity of tools available to creators and went beyond established paradigms.

Wireframes samples are not publicly available, please email me and I'll be happy to provide those privately.