SAAS product for Hiring Teams in Larger organizations

This is a responsive app that helps hiring teams in larger organizations to streamline their process of scheduling interviews, managing interviewers, conducting interviews, providing candidates with great experience and gathering feedback from candidates.

My work: UXD for the MVP and beta version of the app - requirements gathering via stakeholder interviews, user needs analysis and prioritization, core UI framework development, wireframing and supervision of visual design work.

Methods: stakeholders interviews, user journey analysis, personas development, user flows and task analysis, larger product ecosystem analysis, brainstorming, ethnographic field studies, IA, sketching, wireframing, moderated user testing. 

Process in short: this product has majorly evolved in the last 2 years from being a much simpler application for gathering candidate's data for the interviewers to fully featured candidate experience, scheduling and interview day design, therefore the UX of the app has undergone several phases of redesign. Design process started with setting up user goals and expectations, analyzing previous user feedback and reviewing the core UI framework making sure that the UI can handle growing complexity. This analysis was followed by UI requirements gathering for the upcoming releases focusing on coherent experience and shorter user learning curves. Wireframing was followed by quick prototype development in order to perform user testing and gather feedback for the next iterations. 

Top challenges: increasingly growing complexity of the product and growing number of feedback channels proved to be a major challenge in ensuring that the experience is consistent. This challenge was tackled by constantly matching design decisions with long term product roadmap and user personas.

Samples of wireframes