SaaS product for managing hostels and rental property

This SaaS product allows hostel owners, managers and staff to manage variety of property management aspects - from inventory to inquiries, bookings, scheduling, rates management, staff shift management, financial reports & accounting, conflict resolution, online payments, etc.

My work: UX design for v2 of the product focusing on improved booking process, faster processing of availability inquiries, convenient at-a-glance information on available beds and current bookings, redesign of the financial dashboard and easier setup and management of rate plans for beds, rooms and seasonal calendar.

Methods: stakeholders interviews, current product UX audit, heuristic analysis, user stories and task analysis, IA, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, user feedback and translation into updated product requirements.

Process in short: assessment of the existing platform and current UX challenges, evaluation of current user feedback and analytics data followed by requirements gathering for the v2 of the product. Requirements gathering and refinement was followed by user task analysis and UI concepts sketching and validation. This process involved working closely with the development team, product owner and user representatives to test the improved UX iteratively. 

Top challenges: v1 legacy UI and the fact that the product already had inherent complexity to handle bookings and transactions. v2 had to provide significant improvements yet not disrupt what the current users were happy with, therefore introduction of the v2 user workflows had to have a good balance between innovation and incremental UX improvements.

Samples of wireframes